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Between Heroes and Guardians: General Lyman L. ...
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Between Heroes and Guardians: General Lyman L. Lemnitzer and General Charles H. Bonesteel III - World War II and Cold War, Operation Torch, Project Solarium, Interwar Period and Wartime Careers:

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Dry Smoke and Whispers: The Shadowman Saga 1, H...
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Here´s an otherworldly science-fiction adventure from Transdimensional Media. Combining the humor and imagination of Ruby, with the pacing of Firesign Theatre, and an imagined world all its own, Dry Smoke and Whispers is a techno-noir drama with a sense of humor, and a memorable cast of characters. Emile Song, an eccentric, intelligent, and telepathic detective is given the task of catching the East End Reaper, a techno-fiend terrorizing the people of Quaymet. These are dark times in Quaymet, brought on by the discovery of light - namely, a new power source, Solarium. But where do the elements of this boon to civilization come from? And who´s directing how it´s sold and used? Emile meets the ally - or is it enemy? - of a lifetime, a Man of Power who killed Song´s father and now seems intent on killing him. Soon, Song and Henchard are drawn into a battle even they may not survive, as they go up against an empire that´s being consumed by an ancient evil. 1. Language: English. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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